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Think, dream, create and write everywhere. With Reelder, you can expand your imagination and creativity writing down amazing stories, adding characters, attaching images, creating locations and sharing them with your friends. Unleash your creativity. Use Reelder!

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Write and create everywhere

Do you remeber that time when you had an amazing idea to write about but you forgot it because you did not write it down?
Or that time when an incredible story just appeared in your head but you did not have the time to get deeper in it?
With Reelder, you have all you need to write amazing stories, store them, review them and share them in an easy and comfortable way through your mobile device.

Bring your stories to life

Create scripts, modify its structure, add images, characters and locations. Unleash your creativity writing everywhere through your mobile device.

Perfect for new writers or experimented screenwriters.

Reelder allows you to organize your ideas, in order to improve the structure of your story. Start by writing the title of your story, then the genre and that's it! Now you can add characters, locations, images or configure the script to add new content.

Share your stories with other writers.

Do you want to ask for ideas for your story? Or maybe you want to share a preview of your story with someone else? No problem!
Reelder let you share your stories with other persons. This will help you to get advice from others or just simply share you new masterpiece with the world!


What can you do with Reelder?

.Create scripts in two steps

Select a title, choose a genre and that is! Your script is ready to be written.

.Add locations and characters to your scripts

Add all the locations and characters that you want to your story. You also have multiple options to configure them as you like most.

.Attach images to your creations

Text is good but it's even better with descriptive images. Add images to your scripts, locations and characters transforming your creations in pleasant visual content!

Use it without an internet connection.

Don't stop your writing when there is no internet connection available. You don't need to be connected to work: Reelder is offline-first.

Multiple options to login.

Are you a user of Facebook? Do you have a Google account? Use them to login in Reelder! Don't you have any of them? No problem: create an account in Reelder in one simple step.

Android platform.

Reelder is fully supported for all devices using Android KitKat and above.


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